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@@@ Oxygen gas control system
@@High temperature & ultrahigh vacuum@correspondence @Microchamber@@@SiMCB-HTV40 @@@ Analysis system

@@@This is high temperature, an ultrahigh vacuum, and a microchamber from @@stainless steel corresponding to ultra low oxygen environment.

@@@ A scientific-experiments device @@@ design and manufacture@@@
@@@ Automatic control and
@@@ counting system
High temperature & ultrahigh vacuum@correspondence Microchamber@SiMCB-HTV40
@@@ Microchamber

@>>High temperature &
@@ultrahigh-vacuum correspondence
@>>Ultrahigh-vacuum & ultralow @oxygen environment correspondence
@@Ultrahigh-vacuum & ultra low oxygen environment @correspondence Microchamber
@>>Infrared heat & oxygen-partial-@@pressure control microchamber

@@@This is ultrahigh vacuum and a micro chamber made from stainless steel @@corresponding to ultra low oxygen environment.

Ultrahigh-vacuum & ultra low oxygen environment correspondence Microchamber

@@Infrared heat & oxygen-partial-pressure control @Microchamber@@@SiMCB-IR80
@@@This is a microchamber of type corresponding to the high vacuum which @@has an infrared oven of two upper and lower sides, and a PID type cyclical @@form oxygen-partial-pressure controller.
Infrared heat & oxygen-partial-pressure control Microchamber@SiMCB-IR80

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