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Basic policy

@When STLab incorporated company (henceforth our company) uses this website, it defines a name, an address, a telephone number, a mail address, etc. which were offered from the visitor about handling of the "personal information" which specifies a visitor individual as follows, and strives for the protection. Moreover, our company observes the norm of the various statutes about the "Act on the Protection of PersonalInformation" and other private information protection, and others.

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Use purpose

@I use properly the personal information offered by the mail form only for an inquiry of this website, etc. by within the limits to raise to below.
@EFor connection if needed for a visitor [ , such as a demand, a question, etc. from a @@visit,]
@EIn order to show a visitor to our products or service
@EIn order to send to you the data etc. which were requested from the visitor @@@@@
@EIn order [ for the delivery of goods of our products ] to send a repair article to you @EIn order to be allowed to send greeting cards, such as a letter of thanks, to a visitor

Offer and disclosure of information

@Our company does not provide a third party with personal information, without obtaining the consent of the person himself/herself in advance except for the case where it provides in a statute. However, when a proposal occurs, the indication of the contents, and an addition, change, correction and deletion of information are performed. I will restrict a proposal to the person himself/serself.


@Our company shall be exempted from obligation in management of this website about the matter provided in the next, and takes no responsibility. In addition, please understand beforehand that our company considers that you accepted the contents of this qualification in the case of use of this website.
@EDamage of the visitor or third party generated in relation to offer of the variety of information and service in this website or its delay, change, discontinuation, and these other websites.
@EDamage of the visitor or third party generated frim this website by disclosure of the personal information inputted and transmitted, loss, the alteration by a third party, etc.
@EDamage of the visitor or third party generated about the information offered on this website, service, the E-mail information which our company sent, etc.
@EIn addition, relations among the corporations and the individuals, and our companies which manage and manage the website of these link places, such as a tie-up and cooperation, are not necessarily.
@EDamage caused by change of a telephone number, an address, a mail address, etc. , an error etc. which were offered by the visitor.

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Change of the contents

@Our company may change the contents of this the "privacy policy" without a prior preliminary announcement.Please refer to the newest contents in the case of use.


@Please give me the inquiry about personal information to ‚‰‚Ž‚†‚—‚“‚”‚Œ‚‚‚D‚ƒ‚D‚Š‚


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