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HOME@>@Product Information@>@A scientific-experiments device design and manufacture
@@@A scientific-experiments device design and manufacture
Product Information
@@@ Oxygen gas control system
@@Glass microchip light scanning device@@@SiMJ-200 @@@ Analysis system
  @@@ A scientific-experiments device @@@ design and manufacture@@@
@It is a glass microchip automatic junction system of an optical scanning type. @>>Glass microchip light scanning @@device
@>>Fuel cell test equipment system
glass microchip light scanning device
@@@ Automatic control and
@@@ counting system

@@@ Microchamber
@@Fuel cell test equipment system
@@In order to develop an electrolyte film, a catalyst, etc. of a polymer @electrolyte fuel cell which are expected as the leading role of " hydrogen @energy society ", this program type control software and fuel cell test @equipment are used, and a power generation examination is done.
fuel cell test equipment system

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