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HOME@>@@Product Information@>@Microchamber@>@The type micro chamber corresponding to ultrahigh-vacuum & ultra low oxygen
product information
@@@Oxygen gas control device
@@@Analysis system
@@@ A scientific-experiments device @@@ design and manufacture
@@@ Automatic control and
@@@ counting system
@@@ Microchamber
@>>The type micro chamber @corresponding to a high temperature @ & ultrahigh vacuum
@>>The type micro chamber @corresponding to ultrahiggh
@>>Infrared heat & oxygen-partial-@pressure control micro chamber

@@@Product outline  

@They are an ultrahigh vacuum and a micro chamber made from stainless steel corresponding to ultra low oxygen environment. 4 sets of measurement probes can be positioned with high precision by 3 axis(X,Y,Z) stage, and incorporate a Peltier devuce and a micro heater, and heating cooling of a sample is possible for them.

@@@Feature and Function  

@@EIt is a type micro chamber corresponding to the ultrahigh vacuumi‚P‚˜‚P‚O‚d-‚U‚o‚jof "leak zero."
@@EPlay an active part in various devices or sensor development.
@@EIn combination with a PID type oxygen-partial-pressure controller(product made from STLab), an @@@experiment in the ultra low oxygen ‚P-‚P‚O‚d-30‚‚”‚‚n2 atmosphere is also possible.
@@EPositioning of a measurement probe is possible with high precision by 3 axis stage(x,Y,Z).
@@EHeating cooling of a sample is possible.

@@@Specifications and Performance    
Sample stand temperature max800Ži500Žj
Heater 200W thermocoax heater  
Thermoregulator Program thermoregulator
Attainment vacuum in a chamber Level of 10E-6 Pa(at however,the time of TMP direct connection)  
Leak rate Below 1~10E-10Paand, cube meter/sec  
Exhaust 35with dry cleaning pump L/sec turbo molecular drag pump  
Measurement probe Tungsteni20micro of tips mR, 4 setsj
Probe migration length }12mm of X-axis, }7mm of Y-axesA}7mm of Z-axes    

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