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HOME@>@Product Information@>@Automatic control and counting system
@@@Automatic control and counting system
product information
@@@ Oxygen gas control system
@@LAN/USB correspondence Remote surveillance type baking control @power supply@@@SiBHC-1200 @@@ Analysis system

@@@It is a four-channel baking control power supply of the compact handicap @@type which can be operated by remote control (based on LAN and USB @@connection).

@@@ A scientific-experiments device @@@ design and manufacture@@@
@@@ Automatic control and
@@@ counting system
baking control
@>>Remote surveillance type baking @@control power supply

@>>Micro syringe pump control @@software
@>>Gate valve opening-and-closing @@time counting system
@@Micro syringe pump control software@@@SiMP-200S @>>Portable antenna data @@visualization software
@@@This program type control software and a high precision syringe pump are @@used for research and development and manufacture of medical supplies, @@chemicals, etc., an animal experiment, etc., and supply and suction of test @@liquid [ as he pleases ] and reaction liquid are possible. @@@ Microchamber
micro syringe

@@Gate valve opening-and-closing time counting system

@@@It is an opening-and-closing time test system of the gate valve for @@vacuums.
gate valve

@@Portable antenna data visualization software
@@These sofrware is 3D and 2D graph and is visualized about the examination @measurement data an the time of development, in order to evaluate the @antenna performance of mobile computing devices made highly efficient.
portable antenna data

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