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@@@Oxygen gas control device
Product Information
@@@ Oxygen gas control device@
@Oxygen partial pressure controller@@@@SiOC-200C @>>Oxygen partial pressure controller

@Inactive gas is passed on the oxygen pump which attached the platinum electrode to the oxygen ion conductor, and the oxygen concentration in gas is controlled.

@>>Oxygen & Atmosphere control
@>>H2O/O2 Free gas purifier
oxygen partial pressure controller
@>>Wet oxygen controller

@@@ Analysis system
@@@ A scientific-experiments device @@@ design and manufacture@@@
@The oxygen-partial-pressure & atmosphere control examination @furnace corresponding to a network @@@@SiOAF-200C @@@ Automatic control and
@@@ counting system
@A touch panel, network correspondence and the temperature control from PC, atmosphere control, oxygen-partial-pressure control, and program pattern control are possible. @@@ Microchamber
oxygen-partial-pressure & atmosphere control

@Water and oxygen free gas purification device@@@SiWOF-2000

@It is a new type gas purifier adapting oxygen ion conductor.
Water and oxygen free gas purification device

@Wet oxygen-partial-pressure control device@@@@SiBOC-200D
@Hydrogen (H2) and vapor (H2O) of arbitrary cocentration are added to examination atmosphere gas (Ar etc.), oxygen partial pressure is adjusted with a balanced reaction, and it measures with a zirconia type oxygen sensor.  
Wet oxygen-partial-pressure control device

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