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product information
@@@ Oxygen gas control device
@@@ Analysis system
@@@ A scientific-experiments device @@@ design and manufacture
@>>Glass microchip light scanning @junction device
@>>Fuel cell test equipment system
@@@ Automatic control and
@@@ counting system
@@@ Microchamber

@@@Product outline  
In order to develop an electrolyte film, a catalyst, etc.of a polymer electrolyte fuel cell which are expected as the leading role of "hydrogen energy society", this program type control software and fuel cell test equipment are used, and a power generation examination is done.
@@@Feature and Function  

1)The main part of fuel cell test equipment (KFC-200)
@ Correspondence to various fuel, such as hydrogen, methanol,and dimethyl ether(gas/liquid),is possible.
@@EConstitute from gas and a liquid supply system, a humidification system,a pressurization system, an @@@analysis system, a battery constant temperature bath, a vapor-liquid separation system, and a @@@control system.
@@EIt has a hydrogen detector and various interlock functions as a security system.
@@EAdopt a non-pulsating flow type double plunger pump as a humidification system and a methanol @@@supply system, and the stable prolonged continuation humidification and methanol introduction are @@@enabled.
@@EA dew point recorder and CO2 sensor equip standardly as an analysis meter.


2)Fuel cell test equipment control software
@The program of a power generation examination pattern is possible.
@Personal computer inclusion of measurement data and preservation are possible.
@Measurement data : The flow of fuel cell power generation current and voltage, pressure, temperature, @ fuel gas, and a fuel liquid.

@@@Specifications and Performance @@@System  
(1)Fuel cell test equipment specification

Hydrogen and methanol(a liquid /gas), Dimithyl ether(gas/liquid)

Test temperature Max200cc/min  
Measurement gas pressure 50 - 150Ž  
Examination gas mass flow Max500SCCM  
Test liquid flow Max1cc/min  
Humidification system Heating vaporizer system  
Test pressure 0 - 0.8MPa  
Pressure regulation PID type automatic pressure and difference pressure adjustment  
(2) Control soft specification
Automatic power generation measurement mode Constant current mode,
Constant voltage mode
Power generation test program 8 patterns  
Power generation sequence program Max8 program  
The number fo program repetitions 999 max(es)  
Measurement data item Current, voltage, pressure, temperature, flow    
Data storage form Spreadsheet form    
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